How to pre-register users

Pre-Register Users:

WebPortal has the facility to allow you to “pre-register” all your users by uploading their details from a local file. This means that even when visiting WebPortal for the first time, the user merely has to login with the id and password you have assigned them.

Please note, uploading users will require you to notify each one trainee of their login details (such as User ID and Password) as you would have selected them on their behalf. The system will not mass email users with their login details due to security settings. If you want the system to send out an auto mail when you upload them, the best option for this is to use the Email Activation option (view How to pre-register users - email activation option) located in the 'help files'     

To upload a list of users, select “View Users” from the admin menu, and click “Upload Contacts” (this will produce a new window, as per image below). From here you download an Excel template which shows the data required for each user. This is similar to uploading your locations / dept's; however, this time you are adding ALL user details.

Uploading users

Notes on uploading users! Mandatory fields are - Location, Department, User ID, User Password, Name.

If you have a valid email address for your users, include it, otherwise leave blank; the system will NOT allow duplication of email addresses. Do not change, delete or alter any of the columns in this template.

If you are using this in addition to existing Location and Departments already added in the system, it is important to make sure the Location and Department names are the same; be careful not to create a duplicate due to 'typos'    

example of User Upload Template

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