View Risk Assessments

Viewing Risk Assessments

As with viewing Test Results, complete the same process, select which course and location, or accept the default and show all. This time you will see each completed Risk Assessment with either a GREEN TICK or RED CROSS.

Green tick implies all is fine with this users risk assessment, however, a red cross indicates that this user has identified an 'issue' the number of issues also being listed. TO view a completed assessment form click on DISPLAY.


In the example below, we have selected Joe Bloggs, as he has identified a potential problem, or issue; when you click on DISPLAY you will see all replies, including the issue (red cross) The user also has the opportunity to add any comments at the time of conducting their assessment,as captured in 'italics' (User Notes)

As administrator you can add your own comments to each completed risk assessment at the bottom of each one, then 'sign off' or keep open until further action

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