How to delete a user

How to Delete a User:

To delete a user click on View Users, select the user and click on Delete as shown below. 


Once you delete a user you can not restore them: their details and training history and records are also deleted. Please consider exporting user training history before deleting a user permanently. 


How to Deactivate a User:

If you are unsure of hard delete, you have the option to deactivate a user. This action blocks user accessing the system and their records stay available in the system. Click on deactivate button to deactivate a user as shown below:


Once a user is deactivated, the link changes to Activate. If you want to re-activate the user, please click on the Activate link.

Deactivated records are shown in grey colour.


Please note: Deactivating a user does not free up a licence.

The status filter at the top helps you sort out active and inactive users.


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