How does bookmarking work, can i retake the test only!

How does book marking work, and what if i want to re-do my test paper only?

Book marking is automatic, each time you exit a course, the system will remember your last page. Next time you login and launch that course, it will offer you a choice; start at the beginning or at your bookmark,

If at any point you wish to retake your 'test paper' you can do so; if you have a 'pass' result then the course will start from the begining again, however, if you have a failed result, you can retake the test paper only......

course complete example

If you wish to revisit a completed courses i.e. to re-sit a test paper or do refresher training you can.

Simply click on the launch button as normal, a popup box will be displayed if you have failed your test!

The message will say ‘If you want to start at the beginning click OK, or Cancel’ as in the example below.  

By clicking CANCEL you can access to the course menu and select the course 'assessment' section which will permit you to re-take the test paper without having  to re-do the course from the beginning.  If however, you click OK you will make the course compulsory, thus having to start from the beginning again.

Taking a test paper again!

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