I dont have a course assigned to me - my course is missing

If you see a blank white page on your Courses Home page, with the following message:

See other courses to which you are not currently assigned

It means one of three possible reasons:

1. You account manager has not assigned this course to you as it is not required.

2. If you feel the course should have been assigned to you then its likely the licence for this course was set to manual and not auto, in which case your manager will need to assign a licence to your name. 

3. It might be likely that the account has reached its maximum licence count and requires adding to; this can only be done via the account manager.

To rectify any of the above please contact your manager or raise a ticket and we can investigate for you.   


if you click on the link that says..... See other courses to which you are not currently assigned  Please note this will only show you what courses are in your account, it wont allow you to run them until your manager has assigned a licence to your name.   

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