How to search for a User

Searching Users - how to find registered users

Click on View Users, the default display is set at 10 per page, you can increase this count by increasing the number then click GO.

To search for a particular individual, you can use the search feature; in the example below we have chosen Joe Bloggs, you can type blo, blog, or blogg, then 'search'. Your result will find all users with this permutation; if however, you attempt to spell their name and mistype it as in Bloges, your result will be a negative one! - you must CLEAR and try again, otherwise each attempt will be negative.

I cant find a registered user! check your spelling, and remember to clear your last search. For each search, click CLEAR.

If your user has a special character in their name i.e. John O'Conor, then don't try and search using O'Connor the database will reject the special character (the hyphen) just type in Connor

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