Define your company structure

WebPortal has two levels of organisation available. By default these are “Location” (the ‘top level’) and “Department” (the ‘bottom level’). These values can be overridden from the “General Settings” screen (see fig 1).

Here you can type in new labels to describe your organisational structure. For example you might replace “Location” with “Area” and “Department” with “Office”.

YOU MUST HAVE A LOCATION and DEPT within your structure. i.e. if you only have one location, then you would create the name of your location (i.e. Bristol) then create a department in your location (i.e. sales, or marketing)

Define your login id type
WebPortal allows you to choose a descriptive name for the user id trainees log in to WebPortal with. The default setting is “User ID”, but you may choose to use e.g. “network id”. To override the default setting type in a new label.

Define your e-mail format
WebPortal stores a default e-mail format for your organisation. This is used to “suggest” an e-mail address to users when they register, based on their full name and the settings made on the “General Settings” screen. Pick an “E-mail generation type” from the list, and enter your default domain name.

general settings tab

The bottom three user fields are 'optional extra' and can be switched on in order to capture additional user information at the Registration Screen. Again this fields can be renamed. To activate, click on the 'To Display' check box and update.

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