Adding a Single User

If you want to add a single user you can do so from the admin control panel: click on Add Single User:

You will be presented with the Registration Screen; which if activated is also the same registration box you will find on your home landing page for self registration (as below).


The Location or Locations will display when you select one from the drop down, this will then display the active departments in that location.

Simply fill in all the details on behalf of your new user, select a User ID and add a valid email (this can be a work or private email such as gmail etc).

Once added, the system will send out an activation email in order for your trainee to select their own secure password. 


If they dont have a valid email you can still add them, follow these instructions below:

1. Please select Add Single User from the left menu.
2. Complete all details except email ID
3. Add any imaginary/fake email ID example..

4. Click on "Save" button.
5. Contact them, letting them know what their USER ID is (as set out above in point 2) and give them the following temp password: Web@ATF1

Once your trainee logs in using the above password, they will be asked to change it.  Please also ask them to update their real emall ID in the system, as soon as they are issued with one. 


Remember; if you add a valid email, the system will send out their activation mail asking them to authenticate, and select their own password.

if the dont have an email, use a fake one and give them their USER ID and temp password as above.   


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