Adding Locations and Departments Automatically

Adding Locations & Departments via the Upload Template - Automatically

From Administration, go to LOCATIONS, and then click on Upload locations and departments - image below. Please note, if you already have Locations and Departments added, you must retain the same structure if using the template, otherwise if you have a location already listed and you add the same location in the template with a 'typo' it will be added leaving you with duplicated entries (ie. Manchester and Mannchester)  

Step 1 - click on Upload Locations / Dept link

Step 2 - download the excel template

step 3 - complete both columns adding your locations and departments.

Once you have added you locations and departments within each location, save the file. When you are ready simply browse for the file and upload as normal. Please note that if you have 3 departments in the same location then you must type that location name 3 times…see above sample showing this format. if Manchester only had a Sales Dept then you would only list Manchester once, however, because it has three dept's, it is listed three times. Be careful not to create duplicate entries due to 'typos' all entries must be the same 

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